Adding an event


Opening a shop, restaurant, cafe? Planning an exhibition, festival or a performance?  Send us the details for your free listing.

Posting events on Kingston Online- please send the following:

Heading: Example: Summer contemporary art exhibition in Kingston
Event details: 1 to 4 paragraphs
If you are on Twitter please follow us on @KOthames We’ll follow you back and include you as we tweet the listing.

Large, good quality jpg/gif/psd. 800 x 500 or larger if possible. See any of our posts for an example.

Format (important!)
Please send your listing copy in an email so we can easily cut and paste. This speeds up the process and minimises errors. Attach your chosen image to your email.
No PDFs please as the content is not always extractable and we can’t use the images.
Sorry, we can’t use PDF posters/flyers. They’re the wrong size and don’t work well on mobile or in search.

Send your email to

Why haven’t you posted my event?

  1. We didn’t get enough time. Though we do post 7 days before the event, it’s good to have 2 or 3 weeks at least before the date so it gets picked up in search.
  2. Not enough information was sent to create the post.
  3. The image sent is poor quality.
  4. You sent a pdf. We can’t always get into pdfs to extract the information. The images are often unusable and the editing time required by our volunteers isn’t tenable.
    Pdf posters: these don’t work well in search and visitors never click on them. So please copy the content of your PDF poster into an email and attach your chosen image to the email.

Why don’t you tell me the listing is live?

Follow @KOthames and we’ll include you in the tweet when your listing goes live. We email you when we get the chance but as the site is run by volunteers, this isn’t always possible.