Free Listing

This page is to add a short business listing. If you want to let us know about an event see Adding an event

Listings on the site are free. If your business is in Kingston or a within a 5 mile radius, send your listing feel free to send us your details. If your website and or phone number does not confirm that your business is in or close to Kingston upon Thames, it probably won’t be listed.

Send an email containing the folling information:

NB: If you are not in the Kingston or the local area (5 mile radius) you are unlikely to be listed.

  • The name of your business
  • Domain name
  • Information for your listing. Max words 40.
  • Include phone number and address

– don’t overuse CAPITAL letters, bold or italicised type.
– keep your listing up to date. Any changes , please email us
– make sure the link we have for your website continues to work or we may remove the listing.

If you need a new website or want your site updated and don’t have the resources to do it yourself, email with some details and we’ll get back to you with our, very affordable, costs.