Mozart's Don Giovanni Opera Given Fashion Twist

Mozart’s Don Giovanni Opera Hampton Hill Theatre 31st May 2019

Mozart’s Don Giovanni Opera Given Fashion Twist

Friday 31 May 2019 & Saturday 1 June 2019 from  7.45pm to 10.45pm

Hampton Hill Theatre, 90 High St, Hampton Hill, Hampton TW12 1NZ

Rogue Opera has given Mozart’s Don Giovanni a modern-day spin, aiming to bring opera to a new, wider audience. Set during Fashion Week in present-day Milan, the famous lothario is head of the label ‘Don G’, using his power, status and wealth to charm, seduce and deceive. This engaging, intimate production examines the themes of power, attraction and seduction and explores what morality, judgement and retribution look like in today’s world.

With a cast of nine, the story focuses on three women wronged by Don Giovanni. Donna Anna is the daughter of The Commendatore (a retired fashion-house mogul and one-time mentor of Don Giovanni). After Don Giovanni attempts to seduce her while disguised at a masked party, then doesn’t take no for an answer, she calls for help. Dashing to her aid, her father ends up being killed by Don Giovanni. When she later discovers his identity, she is consumed by the need for revenge. Joined by Donna Elvira and Zerlina, who have both been seduced by Don Giovanni, together they unite in their mission to make him pay for his crimes.

Rogue Opera is renowned for bringing top-class productions to diverse spaces and communities, with past performances being described as “powerful and totally engaging”.