Kingston upon Thames Museum

Senses at Kingston Museum 5 May – 17 June 2017

Senses: Admission free

We use our senses all the time to help us understand the world around us – but what exactly are they doing for us and how are they doing it?

Feel, see, hear and smell your way around this interactive exhibition to discover how our senses help us and how they sometimes trick us. How do we see in 3D? How do we work out where sounds are coming from? What happens when we try to talk over a delayed play-back of our voice? Challenge your memory, balance and reactions. See how your own eye reacts to light. Test your hearing with an older person to find out how it changes as we age.

Associated Events

20th May 2017

Families Special: Beyond Sight
How do you feel the ridges of a shell, the sound of an elephant or the waves crashing on the shore? Join artist Tim Pond and explore the way art engages more senses than the eye.
2-4pm. £3/child. Call the Museum to book.

23 May 2017

Sensory Landscapes
Sensory session on the landscape of the Borough, suitable for visitors with visual impairment, all welcome.
2-4 pm. Free. Call the Museum to book.

2 June 2017

Under 5s Special: Senses
Sense lab for the little ones to explore the world with touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight.
10.15-11am. Free, drop in.

10 & 17 June 2017

Families Special: Feeling Colourful!
Come along to the Museum and learn how colours and light affect our mood. Led by architect and artist Clara Fruggeri.
2-4pm. £3/child. Call the Museum to book.

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