TEDx Kingston Upon Thames Salon 20th November 2017

Salon Event 7pm – 10pm The Cornerhouse Tolworth

TEDxSalon events: At these more intimate events guests will hear from interesting speakers, watch specially selected TED videos and discuss the talks they’ve witnessed. This is our chance to take TEDxKingstonUponThames ‘on the road’ as we showcase some unique venues across the borough before launching our early 2018 ‘flagship’ event.

The cornerHOUSE Community Arts Centre

116 Douglas Road


Simon Plazolles-Hayes – Switching Sides: Animal Farmer to Animal Advocate

Simon Plazolles-Hayes is an animal activist that seeks to challenge the current social norm and change views for benefit of humans and animals alike. Prior to becoming vegan, Simón grew up in traditional life style of eating meat. While in the army, he came in to realization of the unethical treatment of animals.

Why do you eat animals? Can you defend it? Simon Plazolles-Hayes grew up on a farm, but after examining his actions, he couldn’t defend them. Now he advocates a vegan lifestyle. Find out what made him change, and why you could too.

Candy Gan – Accountability is not Responsibility: A View from Chronic Illness

Accountability doesn’t entail personal responsibility. Chronic illnesses show us the difficulty of living with, but not necessarily owning, your disease. How would the separation of these concepts change the doctor/patient relationship? It is imperative we need to consider this, in the face of increasing patient empowerment.

Candy is a continuing student at the LSE for MSc. Global Health. She is from Singapore but grew up in Shanghai, and has lived with Type 1 Diabetes her entire life. In March, she spoke about this at TEDxLSE. Come November, she will explore how the relationship between accountability and responsibility can be applied.

Shamil Gillani – Taking back control. Lies, Compulsion and Recovery

A beautiful family and financial security is what most dream of. For Shamil Gillani the lure of gambling resulted in him nearly losing everything which he held so dear.

Shamil talks about his 12-year uncontrollable addiction that saw him turn into a compulsive liar, gamble his family savings the day before his wedding and the steps he now takes daily to battle his addiction.

As well as sharing his destructive experience, supporting others, chairing meetings at the Gamblers Anonymous group where he started his road to recovery, he also actively campaigns for a change in legislation on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals.

Mary Bourne – Do you hear my voice?

We enter the world on an in breath followed by a vocal announcement in the form of a cry or whimper. Our voices are heard for the first time.

In 2007, Mary Bourne set up a choir in memory of her Mother. She wanted to create a singing community. Over the past ten years Mary has developed a diverse range of choirs and singing events where creativity is encouraged, confidence is developed and harmony abides.

From church halls to The Albert Hall, workshops with the homeless to performances for 80,000 people, leading choirs has created some magical, memorable musical moments.

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