Quaker Centre Kingston

TEDx Kingston Upon Thames Salon 2nd October 2017

Mon 2 October 2017
19:00 – 22:00

The second of our three TEDxKingstonUponThames Salon events is taking place at the Kingston Quaker Centre.

At these more intimate events guests will hear from four carefully curated speakers, watch specially selected TED videos and discuss the talks they’ve witnessed.

Kingston Quaker Centre

Fairfield East
Kingston upon Thames


Naomi Kingston – We Are Normal

Naomi was born in southeast London and has lived there ever since. She is currently in the sixth form studying A-Level French, Psychology and Maths. In her free time, she enjoys running playing the piano and writing a blog about current issues from the viewpoint of mental health.

Naomi’s talk delves into the increase in mental health issues amongst teenagers. She tackles the impact of the culture of social media and the potentially destructive consequences for young adults at a time of great emotional change. Her dream is of a society that can speak openly about this taboo subject.

Michael Castle – Building a one person rocketplane

Space tourism hit the news during 2004 with the spaceflights of Spaceship-One, since then no sub-orbital space tourists have flown, that’s 13 years without any significant progress. A group of British engineers decided to begin designing and building their own personal rocketplane.

Mike Castle was part of the team that developed and launched an amateur satellite called FunCube in 2013. Using his degree in Electronics/Computing, he followed an engineering career in GPS/satellite-navigation systems, and recently started designing the electronics and software for a unmanned rocketplane. (www.rocketplane.space)

Adam White – Ban Tackling

Lorraine was born with a voice that some people believe belongs to a man. For most of her life she has been ridiculed, humiliated, judged and accused of being a fraud. Her story is about not hiding and refusing to apologise for not fitting society’s definition of femininity.

Lorraine Chademunhu was born and raised in Zimbabwe. She moved to the UK 20 years ago and works in Mental Health. Lorraine is a mother, poet, rapper, DJ and Stand Up comedian. She lives to inspire people to be true to themselves and not be defined by others’ opinions.

Lorraine Chademunhu – Mr. Lorraine

In March 2016, academics and medical doctors have called for tackling to be banned in schools’ rugby due to the high risks of injury, particularly traumatic brain injuries. Despite the calls, rugby is still often a compulsory element of school physical education curriculum, sometimes against the will of parents and the children themselves.

Adam White is an Associate Lecturer and Qualitative Researcher in the Department of Sport and Exercise at the University of Winchester. He has published research on sport, health, education and sociology, with his primary focus being on the socio-cultural issues surrounding contact sports.

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