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Euphonix Sings Christmas 8th December 2021

Euphonix Christmas Concert
The Stage, Kingston Christmas Market
Wednesday 8th December 1.00 p.m. & 2.00 p.m.

Euphonix, Kingston’s Community Choir, sings in four-part harmonies under the direction of their Musical Director, Thomas Chapman.

Euphonix have regularly performed on the Stage at Kingston’s Christmas Market singing those favourite Christmas songs and carols that we all love.  You are welcome to come and listen and if the mood takes you sing along.

These Christmas events have been used to raise awareness of the work local charities provide to the community and to help raise money for them.  This year Euphonix are supporting the work of Dons Local Action Group whose aim is to help those in poverty through providing food parcels as well as household goods, furniture and appliances.

The Choir meets weekly in the central Kingston area. For anyone interested in Euphonix full details can be found on their website:

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