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Exhibition at Orleans House Gallery explores Sir Richard Burton Legacy

Sir Richard Burton Legacy

20th November 2021 - 13th March 2022, Open Tuesday - Sunday, 10am to 5pm.
Entry is Free.

Brow of a God/Jaw of the Devil: Unsettling the Source of the Nile is an exhibition of new images by Himali Singh Soin with historian of science Alexis Rider, inspired by the collection of Sir Richard Burton.

Burton’s search for the source of the Nile is considered the epitome of nineteenth century Imperial exploration. However, the expedition is steeped in colonial notions of place and otherness. It is also the story of an environment that steadfastly resists being known. Alexis and Himali will interrogate Burton’s search for the Nile. They will bring the river and its landscape, both real and imagined, to the foreground.

The exhibition presents a series of photographs that contain ghosts and shadows of the Burton collection. The images can be viewed alongside an accompanying text drawn from many sources, which offers an interpretive starting point for the images. Visitors are invited to explore archives, contested histories, and the nature of human and more-than-human relationships.

Like the Nile, the exhibition will be fluid, malleable, and redirectable by the visitor. With each adjustment, narratives will shift.

Orleans Gallery, Orleans House Twickenham TW1 3BL

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