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Make Your Own Mala Necklace, Kingston workshops

Workshop dates

Saturday 18th April from 9.30 to 12.00
Venue: Kingston Quaker Centre - Fairfield E, Kingston upon Thames KT1 2PT
Price: £77.00
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Thursday 28th May from 6.30pm to 9pm
Venue: Kingston Quaker Centre, Fairfield East, Kingston Upon Thames KT1 2PT
Price: £77.00
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These workshops are perfect for people looking to be more mindful of their lives and daily actions. Take some time for yourself and come create your personalised Mala necklace.

What is a Mala necklace?
A mala is a necklace formed of 108 beads on a hand-knotted string.

It’s a powerful mindfulness tool  Malas are a daily reminder of your intentions; they have been used for thousands of years by yogis and spiritual seekers to help with focus during meditation and count mantras.

The gemstones used to create your mala carry a special quality and meaning.

In this workshop, you will create your mala necklace, personalised with your very own meaning and intention and with gemstones chosen by you.
During the workshop: set an intention, decide on a mantra and start making your necklace.
2,5 hour-long workshop

All material provided