Cycling specialists in Kingston

Njinga cycle training and performance opens at Kingston Bridge

Njinga cycling training and performance specialists is on the Hampton Wick side of Kingston bridge:
1-2 Homepark Parade, Hampton Wick, KT1 4BY

Injingandoor cycling lab open to all fitness levels & ages. You don’t have to be a cyclist to join us. Sign up to a fun, like minded community and motivational environment that will TRANSFORM your fitness and challenge you to get results. Using state of the art Wattbikes, coupled with SMARTER training methods, we will take your fitness & cycling further than you ever imagined possible.

Training and coaching

  • Indoor cycling
  • Group cycle training
  • Beginner cycling skills
  • One to one private sessions
  • Wattbike 1-1 training

Sports nutrition workshop

Tours and camp organisation

Corporate cycling events.

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Twitter: @NjingaCycling