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Warren Gate Nursery, Warren House, Dempster Nursery, Mendip Cottage, Rivermead

I read with interest the comments about Warren Gate Nursery. I worked there in 1964 and remember some of the children with affection and often wondered about them.I especially remember Fami and John Sweeney and Radakrishnan Ganesh as well as the 3 Jones children.The work was hard but fun too.I also think of the girls I worked with and how their life has turned out,I have now retired after 45 years nursing.I’m pleased to hear Mrs Jacobs is still alive and wish her well .Happy days remembered.

A few posts regarding Warren Gate Nursery on Kingston Hill have been brought to my attention.  My name is Judy and my mother, Mrs Jacobs,  was the matron there for over 25 years.  I personally left in 1965 when I got married but remember some of the people who have written in or been mentioned.  My mother continued on there for a few more years.  She is now 96 and still quite well and independent. She is still in touch with some people from there each Christmas.  Neither of us live in the Kingston area any longer.I remember several of the children and often wonder what became of them.  In particular a little boy called Danny and another called Keith. I believe that after she retired in the 1970’s the house ceased to exist as a nursery and I was told that executive homes were built on the site.  The house was beautiful and we couldn’t bear to return afterwards.

I worked at a residential children’s home in about 1965 on Kingston Hill called, I think, Warren House, looking after children from birth to 5 years whose parents couldn’t look after them. I was 18 and became very fond of a little Nigerian boy called Fami Oladele, I think, and when he was taken back to Nigeria I left the home but I have always promised myself I would do my best to find out how well he survived. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers anything at all about this home. Thanks Janie Humphreys

I was in children’s home in Kingston in 1973 (ish) – I was there from the age of 3- 5 with my sister Caroline.  I thought the home was called Dempster Nursery but I can find not evidence of it online- It looked very similar to Warren House from my memories – Can you help me?  Was this the same children’s home under a different name.I have fond memories of my time there and would love to trace some of the other children that were my friends there.

Dear long lived residents of Kingston.  In about 1973 (when i was three years old),  I was put into a childrens home in Kingston (as far as i know).  It was called Dempster Nursery and there was a childrens park near by and an old church (we used to go to sunday service there).  I can’t find any reference to this childrens home – It was in the most beautiful house with lovely gardens and a cellar.  Does anyone remember it?  I’m beginnig to think my childhood memories are not real.  I would love to see the old place (if it hasn’t been knocked down).  I would be very grateful for an addres if anyone does remember it.  If anyone reading this was there (staff or child)in the early 70’s that would be better still – please get in touch.   Janey (Hookwood, Surrey)

Regarding Dempster Children’s Home. You are not going mad, Jane – I lived in the home with my brother and sister in about 1978 or so. It was a lovely house, but I don’t remember the cellars. I understand that it doesn’t exist anymore.

My Mom is now 80. She used to be deputy matron at Dempster in the early 60s. Her colleague was staff nurse there too and remembers the place and children well. If you want to know more, she is willing to contact you.

I lived in the residential nursery known as Warren Gate on Kingston Hill. I remember Mrs. D. Jacobs the Matron and her daughter Judith, also a nurse known as Sally, Freda (known as Freddy) and cook Bridget. My name is Jean and my daughter is called Kim.  I may have left before you but I remember lots of faces of children not so much their names I know that sounds dreadful but I was preoccupied with studies at the time.

I am looking for any information on a childrens home called Mendip Cottage in Renfrew Road, Kingston Hill during the 1940’s.  I believe it was used temporarily during the war to accommodate babies and young children.

Did anyone go to, or know anything about the Gatehouse School in 1967? I was born in Kingston in 1949. As a kid I used to hop off school (The Mount junior school and then Fitzgeorge County Secondary School) and hang around Bentalls, Bradey’s Arcade, or go fishing a lot down the end of the alleyway next to the tannery, close to the bridge…. I still remember the smell from the tannery! I spent a lot of time playing along the banks of the Thames. I remember ‘Turk’s Boat Yard’ very well as, more or less on the opposite bank, close to the Sea Cadets building, my father had his little boat moored. I believe it was a 2nd WW landing craft converted into a small house boat and he lived there permanently. His name was Alfred Rowe and he was quite a character and very well known in most of the local pubs. I think that he spent a lot of time in the ‘Row Barge’… I would love to know if anyone remembers him or his boat. I have tried in vain to find photos of that area by the Sea Cadets and the rowing club from the 1950s, just in case my father’s boat could be seen in the background, but no luck at all so far.

I went to Rivermead primary school with my sister Elizabeth between 1957 to 1961. I also remember Miss Weller, I think she was the headteacher, I also remember Mrs Barretto.When I left in 1961, building work had already started on the new wing that would house the Rivermead secondary school. I was friends with a boy called Jimmy, he was also known as Sox. I think there was a girl called Linda Wheatley. I hope someone else can recall more. Robert Loewenthal (fred)

I went to Rivermead Primary School from 1954-60, i.e. the year before it closed to become Rivermead Secondary Boys. I certainly do remember Miss Weller. When I was about eight, me and my friends were caught talking when we had been told to stop just the once. As a punishment, we had to stand facing the wall against the radiators with our backs to the main entrance during all three breaks, including over an hour at lunchtimes, for a whole week! It was late spring and still very cold outside so every time the doors opened we were in a draught. We complained bitterly to our parents but they were not prepared to intervene. On the fourth day, when I broke down in tears, Mr Finch, the headmaster, intervened and over-ruled her.  She was very nice to me after that but I still loathed her, though I must admit she could draw very well. After 55 years the memory still hurts. Does anyone else remember the Cellar Club from around 1964-5. This was not a cellar but an old boathouse behind what had been the Odeon Cinema in the High Street, which was then a Bingo Hall. The Yardbirds with Eric Clapton used to play there every few weeks. One could see the river below through the floor boards and the floor used to vibrate in sympathy with the beat. The club was not licensed for alcohol and eventually it lost its licence to play music, why I’m not sure, but the owner seemed decidedly dodgy and I’m sure the place horrified the Council. Shirley.

Have only just seen this site.  I also remember Rivermead Primary School and Miss Evelyn Weller (and Mr Finch who preceded her).  I left when the school closed but would be interested to hear from anyone who was around at the same time.  I remember particularly Leonie & Linda, also Steve, Derek, Richard… I lived in Dysart Avenue.

Hi there, I was reading with interest the comments about the rivermead/tudor schools, I attended and left in 83’84 and was in 3rd year when it amalgamated with Bonner hill and reminded me of old friends that I am no longer in contact with. Is anyone out there that was in my year? I would love to reach out, I now live in the USA and have not been back in 12 years. I am assuming that everyone left Kingston for pastures new. New York USA: Andy O’Shea

Rivermead school became Tudor School in 1980, which I attended. Decision was made in about 1985 to close it down and move Tiffin Girls Grammar school into the facilities. Tudor was the only non-selective school in N. Kingston; Tiffins take the majority of pupils from out of the area.So many local kids had to go out of the borough.Now with more housing in the N.Kingston area, I would expect the lack of a school to be even more obvious, But then the council of the time saw fit to cater for the few rather than the many. (Gideon Soames, Kingston)

I atttended rivermead when it was a primary school from 1957 to 1961, when the foundations were being dug for the new ill fated south facing wing extention. does anyone remember Miss Weller, the head teacher.: Finchley: rob

l was at Rivermead Boys School from 1963 to 1969 and would like to hear from anybody who was there then.l now live in sunny Portugal.My name is Mickey Dunne. Portugal

Yes- I’ve still got my old Rivermead tie somewhere complete with a spot or two of custard on it! No way am I going to give it away or sell it. Its good to find some contact and reference to Rivermead. I was there from 1963 until 1969. It was a great school (not for results but plenty of laughs!). Pity to see the pictures of the building ablaze (reference Tiffin Girls Schools which now has the building).

Yea I still have my Rivermead tie & blazer (1963-69). I wouldn’t part with it though – sorry. It’s time there was an Old Rivermead Society. Worcester Park. Steve DD

Hi all.I  was born in 1944 in a 2 up 2 down house in Dickerage Lane which backed on to New Malden West as it was then before becoming Fitzgeorge . My entry to the school was over the wall at the bottom of my a garden as it backed on to the playground Mr Snelgrove. Mr Noon and !Miss Town are teachers I remember and I think MIss Rutter or Rutherford I was there from 1949 until 1955 playing in various teams cricket and athletics and football. We won the district schools cup final by beating St Paul’s Cobham 2-0 at Kingstonian   FC. In Richmond Road. Graham West Kenny Johnson. Raymond Watts  all played. I eventually ended up playing for the K,s for a couple of seasons under Tommy Dougall and then , Vince Burgess  Jack Goodchild anybody?  Now has a road named after him outside Kingsmeadow.

I went to Rivermead Primary School from 1954-60, i.e. the year before it closed to become Rivermead Secondary Boys. I certainly do remember Miss Weller. When I was about eight, me and my friends were caught talking when we had been told to stop just the once. As a punishment, we had to stand facing the wall against the radiators with our backs to the main entrance during all three breaks, including over an hour at lunchtimes, for a whole week! It was late spring and still very cold outside so every time the doors opened we were in a draught. We complained bitterly to our parents but they were not prepared to intervene. On the fourth day, when I broke down in tears, Mr Finch, the headmaster, intervened and over-ruled her.  She was very nice to me after that but I still loathed her, though I must admit she could draw very well. After 55 years the memory still hurts.

“My now deceased grandfather remembers going to a school in your area. He remembered wearing a hat with 3 fish on it. According to his father’s military papers that have a date of March 1918, my grandfather and his mother lived at 14 St. Andrews Square, Surbiton, Surrey. Would anyone be able to tell me the name of the school he might have attended? Thanks for your assistance,

The three fishes on your school badge are from the borough coat of arms. You are right when you say many schools in Kingston had and still have them on their badges.  I believe they are supposed to be salmon.  In the fifties and sixties, when the river was far more polluted than it is now, that was a bit of a joke, because it was many years since a salmon had been caught in the Thames. I remember watching the anglers fishing from the tow path many times as a child and only once did I see anybody catch anything – a fish about four inches long. But I have since read that salmon have returned to the river. Have any readers of this site ever seen or caught one?  There was also a pub called the Three Fishes but I can’t recall where it was, or if it is still there.

I also had 3 fishes on my school uniform cap and blazer.I went to Richmond Road primary school in Kingston.Was the late ’50’s,early ’60’s .I have a feeling that a lot of schools in the area had 3 fishes on their school badge………Tony Fowler

I remember my mother telling me of a mother and baby home (either next door or a few houses away) to where she and her parents lived in Richmond Park Road – no 54. That would have been in the early 1940s. Don’t know if this would be what you were looking for but it was nearby St Luke’s church, so possibly was run by Church of England.

I am looking for information about a residential children’s home in either Lovelace Gardens or Lovelace Road, Surbiton. If anyone knows the name, or was even one of the children `staying` there, I would love to hear from you. My nephew was there in the 1970’s and I am getting a book together for his upcoming 40th birthday. Many thanks Annie

I was born in a nursing home, later flats, on Avenue Elmers, down near the river; lived at my grandparents for a short time in Avenue South (Surbiton), then moved to The Ridings (Berrylands area) from 1950 or so until I came to Canada in 1972. Lots of the usual happy childhood memories and early schooldays – not so much my years at Tiffin Grammar!!! Greetings from BC.Chris Nice

My Mother was in a Church of England Mother and Baby Home in Kingston in 1937 when I was born. I don’t know where it was/is. Does anyone know anything about it, please?

I remember my mother telling me of a mother and baby home (either next door or a few houses away) to where she and her parents lived in Richmond Park Road – no 54. That would have been in the early 1940s. Don’t know if this would be what you were looking for but it was nearby St Luke’s church, so possibly was run by Church of England. I think I was born there too in 1954.  I dont know anything about it either but would like to know if you find anything out.

my mom is now 80 she was deputy matron at dempster during the early 60s she does remember a child named Denise. Oldbury west midlands. Nancy

I was in Kingston yesterday and sought out the Bearstead Memorial Nursing Home as I was born there in August 1946. It is now called Rotary Court and is just across from the Palace on Hampton Court Road. I spoke to a lady who said it is now a home run by a Housing Association for elderly people made up of bedsits.  Originally from East London the Bearstead was moved out to Kingston during the war.  My family lived in the East End of London and my mother was sent there for the birth of me her only child.  How my father visited I do not know!!!!

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  1. I was placed in a children’s home in Richmond from about 1980 to 1983 I’m one of a twin Mike and Greg I can’t remember the name of it but some of the staff were nuns. I went to School at Richmond Grey Coats or at least that what I think it was called .

  2. My grandparents – Richard and Daisy Bradshaw – lived in Mendip Cottage between 1926 and 1940. I would be very grateful for any further information about the house during this time of shortly before and afterwards. I have a photo of the house in the 1930s, if anybody would be interested in seeing it.
    Jonathan Warner
    jwarner.dorset@gmail (dot) com

  3. I am looking for a man named jumbo, my god parents sadie and charlie ran a dr banardoes home for boys in kingston. My mum elizabeth lycett worked there with jumbo. Any help would be great

    1. Wow ! I knew Jumbo when I had my first job in 1966/7 as a school leaver at the old Sainsbury’s Dairy in Kingston. Jumbo was the young black man who worked in the store doing the heavy lifting…he was very strong and uncomplaining – he would bring down whole huge wheels of cheese to our counter and it was our job to portion it up and sell it – long before the days of plastic wrap ! I don’t remember him very well, he was very quiet. It had to be so difficult to be one of the only black people in our town – this was before the West Indian emigration to Central London and Kingston was very white. I have often wondered about him over the years – and cringed when thinking of his nickname. That would never happen today. I wonder who he really was and what became of him. You would need to find the records from Dr.Barnardo’s to find his real name. Good luck.

      1. Hi yes remember Jumbo his surname was Johnson he like most of the Barnado boys went to Rivermead Sec School,I see him in Kingston early 70s,The Crown long gone now as has Barnados,they used to have open days and fetes,always remember a very large model railway there on one of the floors,he would be about 68/69 age now yes often wonder what’s happened to people

    2. I remember jumbo Cummings his name was he worked at the barnfield youth club kingston off Tudor drive early 80s ‘ don’t no where he is now but there is a kingston site on line check on that somone may no

      1. Hi Kate

        Thank you so much for replying, thats him! He was really kind to my mum and a really good friend to her x

  4. wow, the monaco on park road ,a gang of us used to go there regular in the late sixties , spending a fortune on the jukebox {it was a fortune in those days} and having a great time ,happy days

  5. Hi I have lived in Long Ditton all of my life and remember Dempster very well! I remember going there after school with a friend that lived there. Her name was Francis O’Sullivan and we both went to Long Ditton Infant school. I guess it was around 1976/1977 when I was 7/8 years old. Unfortunately Dempster closed down and sadly the children were all relocated and I lost touch with Francis. It was eventually pulled down and a private road was built on the land with just a few nice houses, its called Dempster Close. Sara Gregory (nee Reynolds)

  6. Rivermead Primary School – I was there from when it opened (1953 until 1957) – headmaster was John Finch, Mrs Borretto (went to her house on way to football when she was home sick), School opening by MP John Boyd-Carpenter. On leaving in 1957 was one of first four to pass 11plus exam – Marcus P, Alan W and Hazel R were the others. Also friends from school football team who died young on motorbikes – John D and Keith T – both on Hampton Court Road. Raymond S (baker) and Robin S are names which come back. Knights house along with Squires Yeoman and Clerks.

  7. Hi I went to bonnerhill girls school 1970/74 and lived in Cambridge gardens would like to know where Julie Attwood is now

  8. hi Michael jones here, I went to kingsnympton primary up until about 1960 then st lukes and onto rivermead, I can remember billy purton getting killed by a truck, Pauline evans, linda polden, fred haw, terry geeves, david alton, les hall I had 2 brothers roger and alan. we lived at 24 kingswood house, we later moved to new malden, as dad remarried Audrey rose and Julie rose was her daughter, feel free to emai take care all

    1. the lady at the top of the list mention the 3 jones children, do you know there names, am very interested, thanking you

    2. I remember u we lived at number 10 and I think your dad was Glyn and your mum Hilda Linda poldens mum was pat and dad Len. U lived on the top floor my name was Pauline mcardle and my brother John we lived next door to Graham Presley.

      1. hi, that’s right, you must have lived under david alton I think he lived on 2nd floor, I am in new Zealand now, where are you, I went back in 2016 to have a look, what a change, Julie my sister lived in brambley house her name was Julie rose, she took us around, can you remember much about our family as I cannot remember too much I lost mum when I was 10/11 would be much appreciated

      2. Hi I remember you and your brother John so many years ago met John in the 80s/90s in the Swan Mill Street but remember you Pauline at Kingsnympton School now demolished have been in touch with some others drawing a pension now lol

      3. Hi Pauline
        I remember you from primary school you sat in the window seats row near to Frances in Miss DorrelIs class I sat in an adjacent row just behind you.

        1. Hi there, I went to kingsnypton school I think I would have started about 1958 my name was Lynn Douthwaite. I had a brother Michael who was 4 years older than me. I remember Miss Dorell, she married Mr Melcior the music teacher. Does anyone remember Miss Fawshore..boy was she scary! MR Smart used to give the boys the slipper.we lived at 1 Hambldon house. I remember Pat and Peter Alder and their kids Peter, Elizabeth, Pamela and Richard. They moved to Robin Hood when another baby came along. I also remember Pauline Miller and Christine Lloyd, I met up with them when I visited from Australia but have lost track with them.

          1. have you got any old photos of the school, I emigrated to new Zealand 1976 and went back 2003, went around to show school to but nothing there but houses, I can remember the sunken gardens, we met this lady paula castrian or something like and befriended her, she stayed in house at bottom of the road straight down from the estate, she painted a picture of them from outside the fence down by bramley house I think, there was another site not sure what it was but that had school photos, but cannot find it, my sister Julie jones[rose] is still over there living in chessington, my daughter is working at a early child care in Camberwell I think

    1. hi, mike Mitchell here. I went to Fitzgeorge till 1972 then moved to Australia with my family. we lived in Rosebery road Kingston.

      1. Hi Mike ,I left school in1964 so I am older than you and we did not know each other.I remember John Rose from Roseberry road and the Johnson family. I lived in Cambridge Gardens until 1964 a
        nd then moved to Wimbledon where I still live.

    2. Hi I was in 3g left in 69 stephen royle
      So was John Benson June bowden Janet beard. Steroyle7954

  9. I was at fitzgeorge until 1964 and I remember john row in prep 2 . I used to play in Richmond park and new the kids from kingsnimpton and a girl called Caroline Pullen whom I taught to ride a bike.

    1. I can remember caroline pullen, not sure if it was her lived at the bottom of Liverpool road I think it was

      1. Caraline lived in the flats at the junction of Liverpool road and Queens road with Mum Dad brother and a carne terrier dog.g

  10. Hi John, my Uncle is visiting me from Australia today, I live in Kingston. He, Nick and his brother, Simon, went to the Gatehouse school around the same time as you. I am looking at sending my son to Rokeby and wanted to know if it is the same building? Thanks, Brigitte

    1. Hi Brigitte,
      Good to hear from you. Gatehouse came to a sad end and Rokeby took over the building. Richard Coleman, who gave he a bad start in life, kept in touch with me until a few years ago.
      But tell me please, the names of your uncle or anyone else who was there with me. I left in 1960 and am now 70. So anyone who was with me will be the same age. I am in touch with three others who were there too about the same time. I can’t get an email address through this system but you may find me on FB, standing on my boat. I live in Sussex now
      Kind regards

      1. John,

        My father was Richard Coleman, who died in 2014. I’m puzzled by your comment on this trial – did my father give you a bad start in life or a head start perhaps? I’d be interested to know either way! When were you at the school I wonder? I was living there briefly with my parents and sister, Nicola, in the early 60s.
        All the best,

        Tim Coleman.

  11. Hi Sally,
    I haven’t forgotten our date on Wednesday but it occurs to me that this is our only means of contact if either of us can’t make it, and it’s not very user friendly! I don’t know if this system has some way of blocking email addresses but suffice to say I’m on and am known as xchrisj. Hope that helps!

  12. I was a staff nurse at DUMPSTER NURSERY in 1967. I had a friend, also a staff nurse there, called Valerie. We lost touch when we both left to pursue other careers. Valerie lived with her mother in Leatherhead and the last I remember she had a boyfriend who was structural engineer. I would love to hear from her and anyone else who worked a Dempster at that time. I remember there was a dark haired girl called Katarina.

  13. Frances,
    Just seen the message.
    Mum and we’re Joyce and Bert.
    Don’t know a Shelia or Eddie Catten.
    I know of most of the family ‘tree’, but have a relation who knows everyone in the catten family.

  14. I have memories of latchmere school,I lived at barnfield gardens I rember fany audric mr Branden mr Townsend miss Harper miss Madley . Such great times,I started school 1953.I new two twins Valerie and Roselyn could not tell the difference,hope this was helpful all the best Robert Harrold.

    1. Oh yes’ old Miss Audric. What an eccentric old batt !! Huge yellow teeth, her long hair always platted and that dog of hers she always brought into the classroom. I can remember one day when she used to take the class on nature walks on Ham Common her dog came too and went mad chasing cars in Tudor Drive !! Happy Days 🙂
      I was in both Mr Townsends and Mr Branston’s class. Miss Madley was another teacher I remember. So many teachers seemed to be spinsters then….

      1. P S
        Did you know they named a small road off Park Road in Kingston after Miss Audric called Audric Close. I’m trying to establish why….

  15. Hi all
    My name is Michael Mitchell, I used to go to Fitzgeorge secondary till 1972 when I moved to Australia with my parents. I have fond memories of the Wimpy bar and Bentalls, also the steadfast sea cadets where I attended for a few years. love reading the comments from everyone it brings back great memories.

    1. Hi Michael what year was you in when you left ? I was in the first year and only year I was there they closed it as the school got a black mark ‘ we all went on strike over it and the Surrey comet covered it big picture on the front page of all of us , tried many times to get a copy off it but no one in the Surrey comet can find it probably archived years ago ‘ I was in mr Hughes class tommy Hughes .

      1. Hi Steve, I was in 3rd year when I left, had no idea the school was going to be closed, I see they built houses on it now.

        1. Yes they moved mount junior school there for a while then pulled it down and built the houses ‘thee only thing left is the metal school fence I think ‘you would have been in same year as Dave gaynor .

          1. I was in the same year as Chris Gaynor, also Alan Hedges, David Birchmore, Gary Spicket, Anthony Coombe etc

  16. Hello my name is Michael Brown. I went to Latchmere junior school up until 1974 and then went on to Rivermead boys schoo until 1979. Would be great to talk to anyone that remembers me from those dates .
    I now live in Chessington with my wife Sandra.

  17. Hi Christine remember you at Kingsnympton school you had sisters and brother and you lived on the top floor used to help milkman and your mum always gave us a cuppa on Saturdays think you went to coombe county also remember Barry Buzzing and he died if are the memories going back over 50 years

    1. Hi Dave
      You are absolutely right! I lived on the top floor with my 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Both my brothers helped the milkman and I can clearly remember them hanging off the milk float.

      I did go to Coombe County and Barry Buzzing was my first boyfriend. Barry died tragically at 21 years of age. It was so sad, his life had hardly started.

      I am happily married, with 2 daughters and living on the south coast. I retired after 40 years in Local Government although I now work voluntarily for 2 local charities and run a sexual health clinic for teenagers.

      I’ve got a very good memory and I’m trying to work out which Dave you are.

      1. My name is David Fowle my sister Susan was friends with Karen I’m separated bit live with my partner in Sunbury my sister lives in Chessington she divorced but lives with a chap have an old photograph of class with Miss Forshaw I can remember the names they will all be our age now glad your keeping well

        1. Hi Dave
          I guessed it was you!

          I also remember Miss Foreshaw. She hit me with the side of a ruler across my knuckles when I was probably no more than 7 years old. I have no idea why she hit me. She was a cruel women.

          Do you remember Mr Young? He was a particularly nasty and vicious man. He was sacked after a row with the headteacher, I believe because of his use of excessive punishment. I was absolutely terrified of him.

          I personally look back at our primary school and although there were some good teachers, I feel we were let down by some very poor teaching standards. Not sure if others would agree.

          1. Lynn Douthwaite here from Australia. I remember Miss Fawshore ..yes she was cruel and particularly to the boys. I remember Kathleen and Phillip Lim or Lum, they were the only Asian kids and she used to pick up Phillip , who was really small, by the seat of his pants and beat his legs. Was mr young yhe 6th class teacher who replace Mr Smart? I remember the head mistress used to bring her corgi to school. The sunken garden, and the swimming pool which opened the year I left and went to Coombe county. Would love to catch up with some others. I’m on face book but name is now Lynn Atkins and I live in Portland Victoria. Cheers

            1. Michael jones kingswood house, I remember miss dorrel, I used to have a soft spot for her, I can remember when we got told off in the playground, we got sent over to the wall, where we used to shine our pennies on the wall, my dad remarried to Audrey rose who had a daughter Julie rose, who became my sister, she also went to coombe county girls school, I emigrated to new Zealand in 1976

      2. hi, im Michael jones my sister went to coombe county girls school, Julie jones but she is a sister through marriage as my mother died and my dad remarried a Audrey rose she was Julie rose

  18. Kenny, apologies but I cannot remember yourself. I think I was in orange house, seemed to have a decent football team if I remember. Also played football and rugby for the school, especially in the 5th year.
    I did go to Crystal Palace in March and September of 1966 to do sports for a week at a time. We met other schools from the area, including students (girls) from our ‘sister’ school Bonnerhill Girls School.
    I will probably be speaking to Dave Woods and Clive Francis, via Skype next weekend, as Clive is visiting Dave in Australia. I’ll ask if you’re remembered!!
    Best regards, Steve

    1. thanks steve for reply i dont know the names you mentioned my mates were terry chapman phil sargeant chris gurr to name a few, i remember the crystal palace trip,i didnt go but i knew some bonner hill girls who did, so we just moved in differant circles , best wishes and thanks again for reply

  19. Dear All,
    I was at Rivermead Boys School from 1963 to 1967, leaving at 16. I can remember many of the teachers mentioned, Mrs Baylis, everyone had a crush on her and Mr Luscombe, Mr Doyle the headmaster.
    Also several names of pupils, I remember Micheal Dawes, his mum was a dinner lady, and a sister attended Bonnerhill Girls..
    I am still in regular contact with 3 other Rivermead pupils, Ken Gollop, David Woods and Clive Francis. We have met once this year and several times last year.
    I lived in Petersham, live in Suffolk now. There was a school trip to Belgium, I went on. Still go to Kingston regularly to visit friends.

    1. hi steve i was also at rivermead the same years, i dont know you but there was a lot of kids there, i was in red house and mrs bayliss was our house teacher she was a cracker, i also went to belgium it was 66, but off memory i think there was an earlier trip in 64, i also went on a paris trip in 65, like you i am no longer in kingston but get back four times a year, a lot of changes some good some not so good but im a kingston boy allways , best wishes to you

  20. Rowena,
    I was at Latchmere, 68-72 remember Fernside very well but only as a games/pe teacher. I was in Miss Westons class for two years before she took over Fernsides class.
    If you are on facebook there is a lot of info on there and even a Latchmere group with some names you may recognise.

    1. Thanks very much indeed. I will look that up. I recently met some new friends after moving back to live in Kingston after many years away and found out we all went to latchmere.Small and crazy world!

        1. hi, Michael jones here, how are you, I think I can remember you, I used to live 24 kingswood house, when my dad remarried after mum dieing married Audrey rose, who had a daughter Julie rose became my sister, I moved to new Zealand 1976, married with son and daughter who is over in England now working, we went back 2003 went to show the wife where I went to school only houses there, was a good primary school

      1. We are four siblings who all went to Latchmere from 1957 to 1977 between us – Clive Kerry Tracy Wendy Fowler. Does anyone remember us? we have happy memories but certain memories of Mr Fernside in particular – we would like to know if he is still around so we can pay our respects – as he is due – please let us know! Phillip Rippingale – was lovely to see you at the weekend! Rowena?Are you Rowena Clack? 🙂

  21. I was at Latchmere juniors 1969 – 1973 .I was in Miss Westons class in my last year . I am trying to find anyone who remembers Mr Fernside the P E teacher . I know he left and went to rivermead later in the 1980s .Anyone have memories of his lessons ?

    1. I was at latchmere 1966 to 1970 I do remember mr fernside I’m sure he used to play piano sometimes in assembly ‘ I was in miss gibbons in the infants and then miss Owens in juniors ‘ she also taught my mum and dad who where there in the 50s ‘ also mrs brown was head mistress .

      1. Hello Robert

        Not sure if you remember me from school, I was called Christine Lloyd then. I remember you because I have always felt responsible for you falling off the climbing frame (after I kicked you), and breaking your arm. I felt so guilty I gave you my school cardigan to wear as you were taken away by the ambulance. Sorry about that!
        Chris A

        1. Yes Christine I remember you of course. I hope you are well. Re the broken arm I don’t remember the kick but was surely glad of the jumper, I forgive you for the kick;)

          1. Hi Robert
            I don’t think the kick was not intentional but I always thought you were angry with me about it. In fact I went out of my way to avoid you because of it. Shame I didn’t just apologise. I guess I was too young and scared to think of that.

            Your dad was a good friend of my parents, I think my parents used to visit him after he moved from Kingsnympton. I remember them being upset when he died.
            I’m very well and enjoying a busy retirement on the south coast.

            1. Have been following this weeks enjoyable chain of emails. Robert and Christine you really must meets up. Your friendship was half a century ago and have a lots to catching up to do!

            2. Hi Christine
              I’m sorry that you felt that you needed to avoid me, I always thought that you didn’t like me 🙂 .
              Your Dad became friends with mine when they realised that that they had Masonic connections.
              Glad to hear you are well and enjoying retirement I too am happily retired and living in Herefordshire having spent most of my working life in the West Midlands. Thank you Ann B for your interest.

        2. I have just found this site, I grew up in Hampton Wick, hope that counts as Kingston.
          I was interested because back in 1959 I knew a girl called Christine LLoyd, who I believed may have moved to Kingsnympton from Dukes Close, Ham
          She had two sisters Sandra and Geraldine. Any ideas. would love to contact them again to see how life has treated them. I live in Yorkshire now.

    1. Hello, I briefly attended the Gate House School in 1957–have a group picture on my wall taken July 1957 (you might be in that picture?). I’m American and my dad was working in London with to go to Northern Ireland to start building a DuPont plant outside of Londonderry.

      My wife and I are coming to London this fall and I was hoping to visit the Gate House School but can’t find anything about it! Any help would be appreciated–love to meet you if we were there together

      1. Hi Bob,
        I do remember you! Distinctly too! Big fellow, back row of the 1957 photo between Waight and Bond. I was on the left of the picture, row below you, between Tanner and Everest. I found the photo a few years ago and had it framed. Gate House died a sad death and a new school started up called Rokeby. No reference to GH anywhere. Richard Coleman lived on, minus his beloved canes, but I haven’t heard from him for six or seven years. At the end of the day, the family wanted the money out of the estate. You can reach me on or find me on LinkedIn with Alfa Energy
        Good to hear from you!
        Kind regards
        John Hall

      2. Bob, I can’t get my e-mail address to you through this site, but come back to me and we’ll get in touch anyway. Kind regards, John

  22. Hello I’m looking for someone called Billy Elliott.. Could go by the name of William too. Does anybody remember him or my mother Linda Marshall. If you do plz plz respond. Thanyou. Nicola.

  23. Yes I remember Mr Luscombe well, a great PE teacher. Remember him teaching us about walking in one lesson, as in walk racing.

  24. Yes remember her and a few you mentioned Jaquleine Hyde lived in Cumberland house had brother Terry who was a ballet dancer remember the entrance to the estate a phone box and wall used to sit on and the shops etc wonder if they still there

    1. Michael jones, I too can remember a jaquline hyde and her brother terry in used to help the milkman united daires, I can remember one Christmas, he got a wee bit tipsy, and we had to drive the float back to the depot

  25. Yep remember them all especially Mr ainsworth boy could he use the cane !!! Mr Ford Mr stear miss price miss bayliss Mr Whitehouse can’t remember them all yes the three fishe’s wimpy bar Kingston hotel all gone now abc picture house used to go Saturday mornings for a tanner (sixpence) two and half pence the blue spot cafe along Richmond Road and 5 woodbine’s for a shilling (5p) all comes back

    1. miss dorrel I used to have a crush on her, mr ford he was the grumpy one at the top of the stairs,

  26. Yes remember it well looked out of the flats Cumberland House what I remember they had a big model railway see it when they had open days a lot of the boys went to River mead school.

  27. Yes I was at River mead school btwn 1964to1968 and remember him well also his assistant Mr Williams and a Mr Cox rugby player and remember getting the slipper unheard of today how things have changed congratulations on your 100th year

    1. Hi. I remember some of the people you have mentioned, especially the teachers. I had the slipper from Cox as well . I flooded the gym once with a fire hose and got the slipper. Got my own back playing rugby against the teachers by tackling hard!

  28. Just found this site – many memories! I was at Latchmere Road Juniors about 1948-52 and lived in Barnfield Avenue and the Park Gardens. Vivid memories of most of the teachers – in ascending order of age range: Mrs Dowling, Miss Madley (very scarey!), Miss Bayliss (my first crush!), Miss Audric who many have commented on (eccentric and unpredictable – she once abandoned us all on the Thames towpath as it was home time – Health and Safety?!), Miss Simons, Miss Wills (deputy head – dignified and ‘old school’), Mr Price, Mr Edmonds, Miss Booth(VERY scarey!), Miss Owen, Mr Branson (at the scout hut – nice chap vg teacher). Mr Pearson was a low-profile Head, mainly interested in code-breaking and puppet shows! Fellow pupils included David Atwell, David Hankins, John Friend, Ian Collins, Richard Stevens ,Pamela Gasson, Rosalind Manning, Jean Pease. Happiest days of your life? NO – too easy to get into trouble and have to suffer the consequences!! Does this prod anyone’s memories?

  29. Does anyone remember my father, Mr Peter Luscombe, who was Head of PE at Rivermead County Secondary School from 1964 until he retired in 1979?
    He also taught some maths classes.
    He is about to celebrate his 100th birthday this month!

    1. wow 100 that’s an aceivment and I remember him he was very handy with a slipper as my backside will testify, but I suppose I was a cheeky kid then, I was at rivermede from 63 to 67 and he was one of the better teachers there

    2. wow 100 that’s an aceivment and I remember him he was very handy with a slipper as my backside will testify but i suppose i was a cheeky kid then i was at rivermede from 63 to 67 and he was one of the better teachers there

    3. omg 100 brilliant!!!!!! I remember mr luscombe fantastic teacher he had a tash! told me off a few times, I got the trampoline out 1 break time and it come off its wheels & went through the gym floor, I wasn’t aloud to go to crystal palace bcos of it. many many happy returns MR LUSCOMBE X

      1. are you the Colin colesell who’s family are Kim John dean ‘ you used to live in Cambridge estate I remember you all ‘ your brother John came over to spain a few times with his family when I lived there 10 years ago ‘ hope there all keeping well . Steve smart

        1. yes steve, all keeping very well fanx, hope your well also? its great reading all these storys takes ya back

          1. Jheez.. Luzz!!
            I remember you
            We were the same year at Rivermead..
            I’m Everton Johnson’s skinny little cousin..(had the nick name of Lil) My memory of you,apart from mucking about with you from time to time was,do you remember the elastic band and paper clips / folded paper phase the school had,think it was in our 3rd year..Didn’t you get 1 in the eye and ended up in hospital? We had a paper clip and electric band amnesty after that..

    4. Hi Hilary
      Only just found this site. I have very fond memories of your Dad. He taught me to trampoline with Kim Williamson. We travelled over the UK for competitions. I also helped him in running the gymnastic club at Rivermead late 70s. I remember he had a mk 2 Ford Cortina GT. I do hope he is still with us. Please let me know.
      Kind Regards
      Peter Bevis

      1. Hi Peter,
        I’m so sorry not to have replied. Sadly, Dad died shortly after I posted this so he never made 100.
        I remember you and Kim. Dad was so proud of your achievements.
        Dad loved teaching. He taught in an approved school during the war and, in later years when his memory was fading, the one thing he always spoke about was his ‘naughty boys’ from that time!
        He used to take my brother, Richard, and me to the gym at Rivermead at the weekends to use the trampolines. Later he taught boys to sail and canoe on the river so we would go at the weekends to have a go at that as well. I remember helping him at an adult evening class for tennis – sport was a big part of our lives!
        I hope you are well.
        Best wishes,
        Hilary Lyne

    5. Hello Hillary,Very happy to say I have great memories of Mr Luscombe as my House teacher (yellow house) and PE teacher. I left Rivermead boys school in 1969 and did my apprenticeship at Hawker Siddeley,before moving away. I think I have some sports day certificates with your father’s name so I’ll look for them. Best regards Trev tibble .

    6. I remember Mr Luscombe..He has a tash,wasn’t very tall if I remember correctly.. He was famous for the Luscombe Head Scrub if you misbehaved He also used to run a Trampolining club at lunchtime..
      I was at Rivermead from 1975-1981
      He was a nice funny teacher..

  30. Hi Steve, just seen your reply good to hear from you. if you are interested we have started a Facebook group for our latchmere year.

    1. Hi Paul not on face book you can always get me on here though a reunion sounds good ‘ keep me up to date take care speak soon

  31. Hi Steve!
    Just seen your reply ☺ if you’re on facebook a few of us have started a latchmere group on there for our year … might eventually result in a reunion! Or not! ☺

  32. Ha just caught up with this Rivermead line. I was at Rivermead and Latchmere. I moved to Barnes but moved back to Kingston and my last 3 Children went Latchmere no change but bigger and bigger. My daughter went to Tiffin girls and how weird is that walking round my old boys school also looking for my name carvings in the labs! I remember Ainsworth knocking six bells out of me, who remembers Mr Bennet and Mr Adams the maths teacher. Poor old Mr Pathman got run over on th A3. I think my farewell message was spray painting graffiti on the back school playground wall with Russel but can’t remember his surname. Anyone know what happened to Chris Buckley?

    1. Hi Hugh I remember you at latchmere and rivermead I was I n miss gibbons class in the infants and miss Owens in the juniors ‘ was in villiers at rivermead ainsworth was villiers housemaster before mr Hewitt took over from him I had the cane off them both . Chris Buckley is still about he had a birthday bash recently Barry bowers went to it ‘.

  33. Hi Julie,
    Yes I remember you from hanging about in Latchmere Recreation Ground with Paul Wickens, Clifford Pike, Simon Mole and Brenda Francis.
    The shop was the House of Gausten wasn’t it.
    I used to spend a lot of time in the Fishes what a pub, great loud music
    Are you still living in Kingston?
    Hope all is well with you
    Neil Benstead

    1. Yes, I was in that home on Kingston Hill. It was called Dalziel of Wooler house,nickname “dickys”. Spent 5 years there, left in 1963, I went to St. Lukes c of e secondary school on Elm Road,(now closed).

      1. We remember well Dr Barnardos home on corner of Gloucester Rd (renamed Galsworthy Rd – don’t know why). We lived further up Kingston Hill on one of the post war housing estates. One day around 1960 ish my brother was hurtling down the hill on his bike and knocked down one of the Barnardos boys down. I seem to recall the lad had concussion for a bit, attended Kingston hospital not far away. I think it was several hours before he came round. My mum was so worried as was my brother. The lad was about 14 yrs and when he recovered we invited him around for tea a few days later

        John; was that an event you might have know about and recall since you must have been in the care of the home at that time

        1. Sorry Nigel,have no memory of that incident,many things happened during my time there which we never got to find out about. Probably was not too bad as other boys would have mentioned it. Looking back at my time there,we had good times and bad times,worst of it was being away from my home in Blackburn in Lancashire,why I was put there,so far away remains a mystery to me. Thank you Nigel for your reply,so nice to hear from you.

      2. hi Michael jones, I to went to st lukes before they went to rivermead, going across the road for our lunches, and walking miles for tennis and swimming

      3. I to went to st lukes, Michael jones, you weren’t the one that donged a prefect for giving you a hard time, lol, I can remember throwing pennies to the wall the closest one took all

    2. Michael jones, yes I can remember that home, my sister Julie jones was Julie rose, works as receptionist at Kingston hospital, Ii can remember a young guy from there at rivermead school, this prefect was giving him a hard time, and bang he let loose on the prefect, much to the prefects disgust as he blisted the prefect

    3. I sure do went to school with a load of the boys from there I think the head at Barnardos was a doctor Paul

  34. Hi Steve,
    I remember you at both Latchmere and Rivermead. I had forgotten your name change.
    I moved away from Kingston in 1986.

    1. Hi Paul do remember you 50 years ago we were at latchmere it’s still looks more or less the same went and had a look thee other day ‘ I moved away in 89 but still pop back a few times a year ‘ hope your keeping well .

  35. Hi Julie,
    I remember the Gausten’s! I also lived in Tudor Drive and went to Latchmere school.
    I moved away in 1986.

  36. Yes, I was in her class in 1966/67
    Also Mr Fernside, Mr Garnet, Miss Tilbury, I can still visualise the small green with the classrooms along 3 sides and the school hall on the 4th side.

  37. Yes, I remember you and Barry, ( he delivered a birthday card from you to me in my first year at Rivermead)
    I few people are mentioning the shop where you could buy the latest fashion, it was Jack Brennons.
    Also Linda Fentiman has been mentioned a few times, she lived in Acre Road flats the same as myself, She became Miss Kingston .

    The Gawthorpe name also, I was a pupil of hers along with Julie Gausten
    at Latchmere around 1966.

  38. Mr and Mrs wade run the children’s home in Lovelace gardens ‘ I was in a home in Mosley when they relocated it to Lovelace gardens in the mid 60s ‘ my sister stayed there till the 70s then it got moved to mount road chesington . And to change the subject I went to fitzgeorge secondary school in Kingston road for my first year in seniors it was given a black mark and closed down in 1973 and I moved to rivermead ‘ I was in Villiers house which was white ‘ mr ainsworth was head of house then mr Hewitt took over from him ‘ he couldn’t cane has hard as mr ainsworth thank god . The shop across the road from the abc and just along the road from the 3 fishes pub was called jack Brendon’s they used to sell clothes for mainly teddy boys and rockets and some good jeans ‘ there was a shop in Kingston called Harry fentons but can’t remember where it was .

  39. ……. and she had a big egg shaped lump on her skin and was often to be seen in over the knee snakeskin boots. Did you live in Richmond Park Road?I think we were in the same class and were taught by the magnificent Mr Petley Jones in our last year.

  40. Hi, anyone remember the Gausten family? My brother (Barry) and I lived in Tudor Drive. We both went to Latchmere Juonior School, he then went to Rivermead boys and I went to Bonner Hill girls school. I remember the 3 Fishes pub, The Jolly Brewer pub and the Sea Scouts disco’s. :). My grandad had a shop,in union street.

  41. I was just scanning this exchange and saw mention of Gatehouse School. I was born in Norbiton in 1949 and attended Gatehouse Prep School from 1954 – 1955. Red caps with a yellow barred gate logo supplied by the School Outfitters Gorringes of Bayswater. What an experience for a five year old! Talk about Dickensian. The memories are still so vividly ingrained in my memory that if I hadn’t been lucky later in my life I’d probably be in therapy and receiving counselling! Anyone involved there on the teaching staff is almost certainly dead and if they aren’t then without any doubt their names should be on the Child Protection List! Presumably the school was shut down by the authorities before too many people complained?

  42. I was just scanning this exchange and saw mention of Gatehouse School. I was born in Norbiton in 1949 and attended Gatehouse Prep School from 1954 – 1955. Red caps with a yellow barred gate logo supplied by the School Outfitters, Goringes of Bayswater. MWhat an experience for a five year old! Talk about Dickensian. The memories are still so vividly ingrained in my memory that if I hadn’t been lucky later in my life I’d probably be in therapy and receiving counselling! Anyone involved there on the teaching staff is almost certainly dead and if they aren’t then without any doubt their names should be on the Child Protection List! Presumably the school was shut down by the authorities before too many people complained?

  43. Hi. I’m looking for Alison Brown who went to Bonner Hill Girls School. I was there for about six months in 1974 and then returned to Barbados. I’ve never forgotten about her as she was always nice to me. Her birthday was yesterday 23/2. Happy belated birthday! Would love to be in touch with her.

    1. I remember Michael Dawes, think he lived in the flats opposite Kingsnympton. I lived in Farliegh house, went to Kingsnympton primary then Rivermead (expelled in 68). I seem to remember he had long blonde hair, he was a year older.

  44. Hello Diane,
    I guess you were a year ahead of me at Latchmere; however, many thanks for mentioning Linda Fentiman. I had a colossal crush on her at Latchmere and I got hauled into Mr Osland’s office (headteacher’s name?) and was given a severe dressing down by him and her mother. It seemed harmless enough then but I think it’s called stalking these days!

    1. Hello Phil,

      I’ve only just seen your reply – thanks. This site isn’t the easiest to navigate, and I have difficulty finding it again. Re. Linda Fentiman – I’m not surprised you had a crush – she was very pretty and petite, and I used to spend hours brushing my teeth with salt so I could have teeth as white as hers 🙂 (ruined my gums!) No idea what happened to her though.

    2. hi phil i used to live in east road opposite linda fentiman she turnded me down when i was 13 or 14 it scarred me for life ha ha i dont know you best wishes

    3. hi phil my name is kenny mills i used in east road oppodite linda fentiman she turned me down when i was 13 or 14 scarred me ha ha she was a lovely lookin girl you dont no me but u jogged my memory best wishes

  45. Hello Anne,
    I remember your brother, mostly from IKH scouts, where I also knew Gareth Jones, Chris Chadwick, Geoff and Bill Downing, etc. I was a couple of years younger than him and we always called him ‘Goaf’ or ‘Goph’ … We never spelt it!!! I’m having a poor memory day so I can’t recall his first name. I seem to remember hearing from the Downings, or one of the Timpson brothers, that he had passed away. Is that so?

    Many thanks for remnding that Miss Audric was called Fanny, by all the children, apparently! I just found out her real name was Blanche, and am still digging around for more information on her, as I am in contact with an old neighbour and friend from the 50‘s, who asked me if I had any photos of her. Did she used to let her hair down in front of your class? She had it all coiled tightly round and pinned up; she showed us how she did it and her hair went way down past her waist!

  46. Hello everyone. I’m digging around for information since my mum (Jenny Banks) died two years ago. She went to Kingston Poly in the early 1970’s (I think it was around 1975). I’ve got a couple of memories of that time (I was only 5) I went to an infants school that I’m pretty sure was next to a river and had a great big weeping willow tree – I think the school was opposite a brewery. I also remember a pub in the town centre which was all beams and had a section at the back which you went up to (used to sit there with a coke and a packet of crisps.)

  47. I remember latchmere school 1956___60 my twin brother and myself the Gawthorpe twins, were there I remember miss Audric, we called her fanny Audric, Mr Brandon, always wore white shirts. Can’t remember many names there was a Sheila Denn, Jacqueline ? My brother had a friend called Gareth Jones, and Christopher Chadwick, and Johnathan ?. My mother taught at Latchmere for many years also. Anyone remember?

    1. I was at Latchmere Road School, from 1944 to 1953. Miss Audrich was there then too. For reasons I cant explain, many years later I used to dream about her. She was the only person in Kingston injured from bombing in the war. Her wrist received an injury from the blast of a doodle bug.. My pals were, Georgie Page, Michael Davis, Tony Pearce and Richard Sawyer. it woul be good to hear of or from any of them. I went on to Richmond Road School. Then moved to the coast.

    2. Hello Ann. Yes, I was in the same class as you and David initially and our Mums were friends. I remember Miss Audric very well – a complete nutcase, and there’s a cul de sac named after her off Park Road. I got caned a couple times by Miss Audric – across the side of my head – thank goodness I wasn’t in her class. or I’d be brain damaged. You two were very bright and were in the top stream and I was in the middle, though I started off in the bottom stream and your Mum was my teacher for a year. I remember on Mondays we had to write an essay of what we did at the weekend, and I wrote that my Mum had bought a new wireless. When we got our books back, I saw that wireless had been crossed out and the word Radio was written in its place. (I’d not heard that word before) I remember there were two sets of twins in my stream – Andrew and Susan Hunter, and Andrew and Gordon Newark (I think) Amazing I can remember this, as I nowadays I spend most of the time running up and down stairs wondering what I’m doing up/down there 🙂 . I think you were in Mr. Branston’s class and I was in Miss Owen’s during our last year of Latchmere. I remember Christopher Chadwick, because he started the first day I did, must’ve been January 1957? We were in Miss Horsley’s class and I sat next to my friend Francis Leach. Latchmere has become huge now and has a very good reputation. I didn’t enjoy it all!

    3. My mother, Rosemary Stanford, taught at Latchmere for several years. I still have the reference that the headteacher there gave her. (I don’t have it to hand and I don’t recall his name). My brother Michael went to there too. But I went to Rivermead Primary School (1955 – 1961). I well remember Miss Weller, Mrs Baretto, Miss Moore, Mr Finch, and Mrs Greenhalgh – the teachers. + Linda Wheatley, Leonie Bletcher class mates – all mentioned by others. Also Oliver Kinnear, Brian Jacobs, Paul Standfast, Derek Thorogood, Roger Prince, Brian Peart, Jill Holt, Gillian Houston. There was also a terrifying dinner lady called Mrs Bennett!

    I worked with a girl also a staff nurse at Dempster called Valerie ,but cannot remember her surname. I would love to get in touch.

  49. To the lady who wanted to know the name of the Residential Children’s Nursery near Lovelace Gardens in Surbiton it was called DUMPSTER. I worked whereas a Staff Nurse in 1968.

  50. I stumbled across this web page when I was trying to find out how to get to a Tiffin Girls’ school reunion, and spotted a familiar name in a nearby street – Audric Close. Miss Blanche Audric taught music at Latchmere School.
    I attended Rivermead Primary for a short time (we lived in Dukes Avenue) then Latchmere when we moved to Cardinal Avenue. Not sure why I moved schools – both were close. I must have been at Rivermead about 1957/58, Latchmere 58 – 63, then Tiffin Girls’.
    I do have some vivid memories of Rivermead, though – the dreaded folk dancing classes in the hall (I believe my partner was often a boy called Lance Parry), more folk dancing in the playground at some sort of school fair, being chosen to be Cinderella in a play – purely on the grounds of being blonde I think.
    Of Latchmere I remember more but I won’t go into it all. Miss Audric was a character, but she had favourites and I wasn’t one of them. I don’t recall her teaching me much music, although I do remember her pounding away at the piano. I had one or two friends – Maureen Apthorpe? Susan Elton “Sprit”- but was a shy awkward kid and found school social life a trial! I remember a few names – the Gawthorpe twins, Kathleen Perry (naughty), Vicky Hargreaves, Jacqueline something, Lisa Jelley, Christine Stokes….memory giving out! Teachers – Mr Branson, Miss Madley, Miss Owen for needlework, Mrs Wells…

    1. Hi just saw your post. My maiden name was Gawthorpe, Myself and my twin brother David were at latchmere at the same time as you and I remember some of the names you mentioned I am Ann .

      1. Hi Ann. I believe I did some of my NNEB training under you in the baby room at Fairmead Day Nursery in 1971 onwards. The other Nursery Nurse in the baby room , was Judith. I also knew your brother Dave who I used to meet up with , along with several other friends , at the New Inn pub in Long Ditton. Miss Hawkins, the Matron died a few years back, but I am still in contact with Sheila- the deputy and Gill ,who did her training at the same time as me.I am Vanessa and was then Heybourne, now Bolland – on facebook.

    2. Hi Anne, I just replied to Anne Gawthorpe and now I’ve found your post. Did you go to Miss Johnsons ballet/tap class on Mondays and Thursdays at the Tudor Hall? You mentioned Kathleen Perry – I remember her very well and we went hitchhiking round Europe in 1971 – yes she was very naughty but good fun. You, like Ann were obviously in the ‘A’ stream whereas I was in the middle and ended up going to Bonner Hill Girls School, where all of Latchmere were put in the top stream (obviously very well educated 🙂 ) including some probably from your class – Linda Fentiman was one – she had beautiful white teeth.

    3. If you’re still trying to find out about Tiffin Girls’ reunions check out the TOGA Facebook page. We had one this year so the next one should be 2019 – sorry!

    4. I remember ! So well – certain things – I remember you and your (twin?) brother David !
      Christopher Chadwick, David Downing, Lisa Jelly and Linda Fentiman, Frances Leach – not sure if she was in our class….Christine Stokes, Susan Upstone.
      I remember a club that met at the Scout Hut and Oooh kissing and all kinds of rumors about what went on there.
      I remember your Mum too, Mrs Gawthorpe !
      Do you remember Kathleen Perry ? I was good at spelling 🙂

    5. Ann !
      Jeez !
      Was I naughty ? I seem to remember myself when I was that young as quiet and shy…?
      Obviously my memory could stand some correction !
      Are you still Anne Layzell? I remember so much and I have written about some of it – not published yet tho 😉
      David Downing, Christopher Chadwick, Christine Stokes, Susan Upstone, Cynthia Baxter, Linda Fentiman, Lisa Jelly, Frances Leach, Graham Jones (?), Maureen Apthorpe – cried a lot ?
      Remember the dreaded 11+
      Do tell me how you remember me as naughty – I’d love a story or two 🙂

      1. hi, kath Michael jones here was that the scout den in kingsnympton park, I helped my dad with it when it was being built

  51. Does anyone know what happened to Bushey Junior School? I went there in 1958 – 1960 and thence to Australia. I cannot find it on any website.

  52. in reply to tony fowler the three fishes was opposite the old ABC cinema in Richmond rd and is no longer there as a road runs through where the pub stood,in fact quite a few pubs have gone in the name of progress,shame really as I liked the old Kingston

  53. hello
    I was living in Warren gate Nursery when I was about 2 years old in 1956 I stayed there for about a year as far as I can recall,. until I was `chosen’ to go and live with an amazing family who eventually adopted me when I was about 10. I don’t remember much about the nursery apart from the large wooden stair case and a room with a large door downstairs could have been a library or office !!!, it was a long time ago and I have no idea of names etc, but if anyone was there around that time it would be amazing to hear from you.!! my name at the time was Lesley Armstrong
    Kind regards

  54. I was born in Croydon in april 1939. We moved to kingston 3 years later. My dad was a toolroom foreman for Triang toys, richmond. I went to Latchmere road school in 1944, we used to go in the underground shelters, light candles and sing 10 green bottles. I progressed to Junior school and used to dream about one of the teachers, miss Audrich, the only person injured in a bombing rain on Kingston. About 10 years old went in to the boxing ring for fun against a bigger lad and still remember my pains. progressed to Richmond Road School for my secondary education, my favourite teacher my Ford , for English. Mr Alexander , probably the oldest teacher had a head full of dark hair, which I dreamed of copying in my old age. I have managed it (at 75) Iplayed rugby for the school in my last term, ended as vice captain. We had a former pupil who controlled Hawker Aircraft factory, come in to give us a pep talk not long befor I left with my school certificate to blast out into the world. I had passed to go to Kingston Tech , my name was called out for a few days and I was asked if I wanted to go there. But I chose not to. Like a fool. My brother Max was in a year higher than me, we were both good at sport. I Mr Fords too,k us for English i used to like watching the gas tanks rise and fall at the edge of the playground. outside there used to be a load of massive steel forms dumped for years. The noise of the traffic going by in Richmond road was almost as distracting to me as the aeroplanes flying overhead on their way to London airport or othe places around the world. I used to live at 32 Wolsey Drive, just near Tiffin Girls school and on the rough alley which passed between Tiffins and the allotments i slipped over one winter and got a lump of ice in my knee, which had to melt before the hospital could clean the wound and stich it. I remember a few names from aroud my area, are any of you out there. Richard Sawyer, Mike Davies, Richard Chamberlain, Cora Merit, Georgy Pogy, Tony Pearce , Jimmy Brennan ?

  55. I was born in Kingston in 1949. As a kid I used to hop off school (The Mount junior school and then Fitzgeorge County Secondary School) and hang around Bentalls, Bradey’s Arcade, or go fishing a lot down the end of the alleyway next to the tannery, close to the bridge…. I still remember the smell from the tannery! I spent a lot of time playing along the banks of the Thames. I remember ‘Turk’s Boat Yard’ very well as, more or less on the opposite bank, close to the Sea Cadets building, my father had his little boat moored. I believe it was a 2nd WW landing craft converted into a small house boat and he lived there permanently. His name was Alfred Rowe and he was quite a character and very well known in most of the local pubs. I think that he spent a lot of time in the ‘Row Barge’… I would love to know if anyone remembers him or his boat. I have tried in vain to find photos of that area by the Sea Cadets and the rowing club from the 1950s, just in case my father’s boat could be seen in the background, but no luck at all so far.

    1. I can remember a friend who had a houseboat by the river, my eldest brother was in the sea cadets 1960, they won a tug of war trophy,still have it roger jones my name is Michael jones im living in new Zealand now since 1976

  56. I lived in Kingston (St Albans Road) from 1955 to 1968. Went to Latchmere school then Rivermead SMBS. 1964-69. My form teacher was Mr Ainsworth. Best teacher was Mr Stear, Remember the great ice cream soda’s in the silver cafe in Bentalls, and the lift attendant, very tall and ‘ not all there!! Also a good place to see the young birds!
    Regular at the Kingston Hotel and then onto the Three Fishes, great rock music! Does anyone remember a soul band called ‘ the way in ‘ ? They played in the Kingston hotel around 1970. Also the kingston Kaliardiscope place, teenagers place?
    The wimpy bar opposite the station was a late eating bar met a few merry birds there!! Happy memories.
    Kingston has changed so much, I reckon it was a much cooler place to hang out in the 60’s and 70’s than the last twenty + years!
    Does anyone remember John Willments A ford main dealer? I worked in the huge stoes there from 1969, a good social club for a while, I still bump into Norman Churchouse at Stamford bridge. There was a great clothes shop opposite the ABC pictures, was it Harry Fenton’s?

    1. I remember all of this ! I was at Rivermead from 1967-72. I was only just today thinking of the phrase of the time “sure feller” , delivered whilst stroking your own chin. Another good hangout used to be The Jolly Brewer which was near to The Fishes. It was Harry Fenton’s. I bought everything there, from Ben Sherman “Penny Round” to a green fluorescent waistcoat. People always used to walk on the other side of the road from the “One Up” (as the Kingston Hotel was known locally) Went to the Kaleidoscope for a while. At the time it was a Rockers place, run by a trendy vicar called Eric I believe. Later became a drug rehabilitation centre which was annoying. Who can forget Wimpy and chips cooked right in front of you from the serving hatch. Nobody has yet come up with an equivalent to those thin, limp, soggy chips they used to make – even Wimpy now go down the McD’s route. As a smaller child, I used to love the milk shake bar in Woolworths. At one time there were 57 pubs in the borough (a record I believe). I am proud to say that I made it my business to visit all of them. So many things have changed for the worse in Kingston, but I would applaud the opening up of the river promenade. I’m not so happy at the No Fishing signs springing up everywhere though, in particular the one in the alleyway by Clattern Bridge. This has been a right of locals for many centuries but is now closed. Still, at least I got to take my son there before they closed it. Back to Rivermead though. So many stories – the fights around the corner in Fernhill Gardens, the school on strike, with “Madman” Cox coaxing us back inside by swinging a cricket bat at our heads, Jock Mackay and his “parties”, “Benny” Hill sadistically taking a run up when caning you with a non-flexible cane, designed to inflict maximum pain and damage, Luscombe deciding to start PE by whipping the whole class with the handle of a tennis racquet…… Abuse ? Modern kids don’t know the meaning of the word. At least we still called them “Sir” in those days.

      1. Robin, I just stumbled over this and had to say hello.
        I think you and I and was it Michael Tidy ? taught ourselves to play tennis at Kings Field. We certainly played football together, Kings Villa and maybe 1st Surbiton hill scouts.
        I did the first year at Rivermead and then my family moved away.
        Hope you are well and doing OK.
        Bill Hiett

            1. thanks for reply, I got my first pair off levis at Jack brendons think they were £3 or 4, a fortune in mid sixties

      2. I have been searching for a fellow named Peter Summer who went to Rivermead and was a very good guitar player…had a band that wasnt bad. He had a friend called Graham…not sure if he went to Rivermead. We were pals for a while and I’d love to know what happened to him 🙂

        1. john evans used to play the guitar, my dad remarried, and had sister was Julie rose, then Julie jones she used to go to coombe county girls school

    2. I was at RIVERMEADS BOYS SCHOOL from 1972 to 1967 my house master was a great gent called Mr Hill, people i mixed with were JUMBO JOHNSON, JIM BAPTIE,
      females MARION OCKMOORE, SUSAN HORNBLOWER, CAROL LUCAS, ANNE PERRET, SILVER MORRIS, BATMAN, SUSAN, if you know of any of these people please would you contact me on the above Email.
      Regular places we used the Wimpy bar, Kingston hotel, Barnfield youth club, Sunday morning league football for the Barnfield club, Elm road rec Kingston,. Bentalls and the Tolworth bowl..
      Long live ben shermans, stay press trousers, ivy brogue shoes, and crombies,

            1. i went to paris last year for a few days, found the school where we stayed,but its not a school now its a cultural centre, the bar across the road is still there where we spent hours on the table football machine, i went in for a drink ,not orange this time and had some great memories of my first time abroad

      1. Hi Russell, I was in the same class as Marion Ockmore, and I knew Anne Perrett from Bonnerhill. I knew Jim Baptie vaguely because he went out with one of my friends – I think it was Lisa Padberg or Julie Tyrer. When I was in Latchmere I sat next to Lance Kennedy – we weren’t friends particularly though. I went out with Richard Townsend for about three weeks as well 🙂

      2. Hi Russel
        I remember a Carol Lucas for around the mid 60s, she lived up Kingston Hill in Kingsnympton Flats, as I did. We used to hang around in a group by the shops at the main gate every evening. She was beautiful with her long hair and I always fancied her but was too shy to tell her, although we did a lot of flirting. There was ‘Little Linda’, Les Hall, Fred Haw, Edmond O’Sullivan, Paul Harbour, Gwen Jelly, Jacqueline Hyde… how I have wished over the years that I could get in touch with any of these old friends from back then. If anyone has any information about any of the above mentioned people please, please let me know!

        1. John, we don’t know each other ( lease I don’t think so) but a couple of names caught my eye when scrolling through this commentary on memory lane. You were interested in making contact with a group of friends one of which was Jacqueline Hyde. Now if my memory serves me correctly she lived in the middle block of Cumberland house ( I lived in the north block) located on the other side to Crescent Road, the parade of shops you refer to (where I too had the occasional hangout) and of course Kingsnytmpton estate. Jacqueline went to the Kingsnytmpton primary school on the estate, as indeed I did, along with her brother Terry Hyde. I know Terry became a ballet dancer and moved to Brighton. I came across this following Tweet earlier which may give you a lead If you follow up back to your circle of friends

          Terry Hyde‏ @old_dancer 8 Aug 2013
          I’m teaching an #adultballetclass in #Brighton on 17th Aug for all students & adults who’ve passed major exams. #RoyalBallet.

          As for Carol Lucas, I think there was a long queue

          Can you recall the names of the six shops along the parade in order from left to right….

        2. hi john,michael jones heri can remember linda, jaquline hyde, fred haw, sister susan, Julie rose her mother remarried my father les hall. we went to isle of wight pop festival, les me brian perry, john evans and nobby, iused to help milkman satudays and sundays 24 kingswood house

        3. I was there too, mike jones, fred haw had sister susan I think, myself and les hall brian perry, couple of others went to isle of wight pop festival either 69 70

          1. Susan Haw and her friend Brenda Sillars (?) were in my year at Coombe Girls. I’d love to know where Susan Haw is now …?
            I also went to the Isle of Wight in 1970 – it was amazing 🙂

            1. I am Michael jones 24 kingswood house I went to isle of wight 69 70 with les hall, brian perry, there was a guy he worked for pickfords house movers, I am Michael jones, I went over again to the festival with nobby cousins? and john evans, bob Dylan was the main attraction then and he wouldn’t come out for awhile to noisey

              1. I think I knew Nobby Cousins…he was fair haired and attractive – that is…the ladies liked him? I think he dated my friend Sally Laughland

        4. good day john, I used to hang around with fred and les ed paul and the girls, I lived at 24 kingswood house, I went out with freds sister susan, only one night, I went to isle of wight pop festival with les brian perry, and a couple of others

    3. Hello Trevor, we must have know each other because I lived in St. Albans Road too and became a regular at the Three Fishes. I was at Latchmere until 1963, then Bonner Hill.

    4. Yes it was Harry Fentons. No one has mentioned the Monarcho coffee bar (not sure of spelling) in Park Road.
      Trevor, I remember you working in a cage at John Wilmans. Do you remember people connecting the cage to the mains?
      I worked there until I was about 21. I remember Ron Chitty and Norman Churchouse. I live in Aberystwyth now. Hope all is well with you.

      1. Hi Robert, The Monaco coffee bar in Park Road was run by Jack Harcourt and his wife (her name escapes me at present) and they had a daughter Julie. I used to pop in there several times each week and spend hours over just one coffee. The jukebox was always playing.

  57. I was in a surbiton childrens home around 1952/3 -not sure for how long as my mum was ill in hospital.
    My dad had to work & there was no one to look after me. I was born in 1949 but still remember a blonde haired boy called Peter, a dog that kept barking & the lady who ran the Home used to do lots of knitting.
    Can anyone tell me what Home it was & is it still there.
    I believe it was near the river.

  58. I worked at Warren Gate Nursery in about 1965. I remember the oak panelled rooms, that we had to clean with a vinegar mixture to get the house spick and span for Judy Jacob’s wedding. I have a photo of some of the children including John Sweeney, Radahkrishnan, the Mundy brothers , the Pike brothers and Patsy and Robert and another of me bringing in tea at 6.30am on Christmas morning 1965

  59. I was adopted from Mendip Cottage, Renfrew Road, Kingston Hill in 1944/45/46 and would love to find more information about this children’s home. I know of one person, Margaret Robus, who was a nursery nurse there at this time and it was her that told me where it was located some years later. If anyone has any information at all, I would be most grateful, as this is the last part of my jigsaw puzzle to fill.

    1. My parents moved into Mendip Cottage at Christmas 1946 when I was born. It had been divided into 4 flats, twp upstairs, two down, and I know my dad had to do a lot of clearing up before my mum brought me home, so maybe the conversion was quite recent then. Many years later I went up there with my friend Shelagh who had lived in the flat next door, and we were invited in – it was two separate houses by this time. The part we’d lived in was still recognisable and hadn’t been changed very much except that part of our kitchen was now in the house next door. We were amazed to see a wonderful old tiled kitchen range which was boarded up when we lived there. If my dad had known I’m sure he would have got it working and the house would’ve been very much warmer – it was absolutely freezing in winter. After this I researched its history. I think it was built around 1909 and before the second war an actor had lived there for a number of years. We always understood it was requisitioned during the war but didn’t know about its use as a children’s home. There’s a gap in Kelly’s Directory for several years. We were rehoused to Kingsnympton around 1954 and Shelagh and her mum followed a short time later to the same block, Bramley House. I do have some photos of our visit to Mendip Cottage if anyone is interested. It must have been at least 12 years ago (2005?)

      1. Hi Christine, I am so excited as this is the first response I have had re: Mendip Cottage since I listed it quite a few years ago now. I live in Chessington now and would love to contact you to share any information we both have. This place is the missing link in my adoption records and I would love to see any photos you have.

      2. when dad remarried after mum dieing, married Audrey rose who lived in bramley house, that was the one done by the orchard, she had a daughter Julie rose who is now my sister do recall them at all. Julie is in chessington now

      3. Christine – my grandparents lived at Mendip Cottage before the war. I would be very interested to see your pics. Please email them to me:
        jwarner.dorset@gmail (dot) com


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