Voice Festival UK

The Voice Festival UK – Festival Weekend 21st-22nd April 2017

Hammond Theatre, Hampton, London

For the second year in a row, the Voice Festival UK’s highly-acclaimed Festival Weekend is bringing a celebration of all things a cappella to West London.

From 21st-22nd April, singers of all ages and abilities are invited to the Hammond Theatre, Hampton, to get stuck into two days of competitions, performances, Q&A sessions and networking events. They also have the chance to participate in workshops led by some of the country’s most inspiring singing professionals, and watch the finals of the 2017 university, youth and community a cappella championships.

Each year, the Festival Weekend hosts guest performances from the world’s hottest a cappella artists. 2017 will be a veritable beatboxing fiesta, with a set from OXBOX alongside the ever-popular beatbox battle.

Tickets are available to purchase from our website